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  This year's president is Dr Jonathan Lee.

Jon became ‘hooked’ on the Quaternary geology of East Anglia when he undertook his undergraduate final year dissertation focussing on the glacial geology of the cliffs at Trimingham. He went on to do an MSc and PhD (both focussing on the glacial geology of East Anglia!) at Royal Holloway University of London before joining the British Geological Survey (BGS) as a Geologist in 2003. Although Jon’s geological expertise encompasses several different aspects of UK geology, Jon has always maintained a strong research focus on the Quaternary geology of the region building upon his original PhD research. He has been a member of the GSN for 20 years (including serving for several years on the committee) and recently co-edited the new BGS Regional Geology memoir for East Anglia (2015).

To find out more about Jon, you can visit his staff page at the British Geological Survey here: