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PDFs of individual articles in Bulletins 67-current are available free from the editor (j.andrews@uea.ac.uk). Geological papers published in the Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists can also be accessed on the Biodiversity Heritage Library, including the 1961 Geology of Norfolk, edited by Larwood and Funnell. See: https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/213139#page/323/mode/1up

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Norfolk. - No. 73 (2023)

Latest Issue 2023

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Prof. Julian E. Andrews
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
Telephone 01603 592536
FAX 01603 591327
E-mail J.Andrews@uea.ac.uk

The Geological Society of Norfolk exists to promote the study and understanding of geology, particularly in East Anglia. The Bulletin appears yearly and publishes original research papers, notes, discussions or comments, and review articles relevant to the geology of East Anglia as a whole, and does not restrict consideration to articles covering Norfolk alone. All papers are independently refereed by at least one reviewer.

Copies of the current Bulletin and back issues may be obtained from the Bulletin editor; the current issue is free to members.

At present we can supply most back issues
Volumes 1-10 and 11-18 are only available as reprint volumes 38A and 39A.

Instructions to Authors

Contributors should submit manuscripts as word processor hard copy.  We accept typewritten copy and will consider legible handwritten material for short articles only. When papers are accepted for publication we will request an electronic version. We can handle most word processing formats although MS Word is preferred. 

It is important that the style of the paper, in terms of overall format, capitalisation, punctuation etc. conforms as strictly as possible to
that used in Vol. 53 of the Bulletin.  Titles and first order headings should be capitalised, centred and in bold print.  Second order headings should be centred, bold and lower case.  Text should be 1½ line spaced.  All measurements should be given in metric units.

References should be arranged alphabetically in the following style.

BALSON, P.S. & CAMERON, T.T.J. 1985.  Quaternary mapping offshore East
Anglia. Modern Geology, 9, 221 239.

STEERS, J.A. 1960.  Physiography and evolution: the physiography and
evolution of Scolt Head Island. In: Steers, J.D. (ed.) Scolt Head
Island (2nd ed.), 12 66, Heffer, Cambridge.

BLACK, R.M.  1988.  The Elements of Palaeontology. 2nd Ed., Cambridge
University Press, Cambridge. 404pp.

We hope to make pdf versions of all papers from now on to serve as offprints for authors and for possible future WWW availability. For this reason we prefer illustrations drawn with a computer graphics package, ideally saved in jpeg format.  Thick lines, close stipple or patches of solid black or grey should be used with care as they can spread in printing.  The editor may have diagrams re-drawn professionally and usually the GSN will cover the cost of this. Original illustrations should, before reproduction, be not more than 175 mm by 255 mm.  Full use should be made of the first (horizontal) dimension which corresponds to the width of print on the page, but the second (vertical) dimension is an upper limit only.  Half tone photographic plates (if possible reproduced as jpeg files) are acceptable provided the originals exhibit good contrast